Do I need to start the course from the placement test result?

The test is designed for you to confirm your level of knowledge in the language and to guide you on the ideal level to start with. However, if your placement test has given a different result than you believe it should do, no problem! You can start your studies at whatever level you want.* However, we suggest that you consider other issues before making a decision, such as: Working knowledge of the language; Time of access to courses; Learning rhythm; Contract specifics, etc.

If you have doubts about the level at which you should start your studies with us, talk to the team through our
Service Channels..


* Except in cases where there are contractual specificities, according to which specific schedules must be fulfilled with goals and/or ordering of courses based on the contracting party's criteria in agreement with Lingopass. If you want to check whether your type of contract has any specific requirements in this matter, contact our team.